The Canadian Archery Foundation’s mandate is to support the overall advancement of the sport of archery in Canada with targeted support to the non-Olympic disciplines.

Amateur archers make up the highest percentage of membership across the nation. These amateur athletes aspire to represent Canada, and the Foundation is committed to helping reduce the burden of self-funding so they can reach their goals.  

The Adopt-a-Team campaign is an initiative that will allow athletes the opportunity to fundraise, as a Canadian team, through the charitable arm of Archery Canada. These efforts will go toward offsetting costs incurred to attend international team events.

The archery community nationwide is a supportive group. Just as athletes need good coaching and mentorship, they also need financial reinforcement from friends, family and the archery community. You can help their dreams become a reality.

The athletes supported today are the future role models for the next generation of archers. Donating to an athlete’s success sends a clear message that you are invested in their pursuit of excellence and recognize their achievements.

You are someone who can make a pivotal impact in the lives of archery athletes. 

We invite you to give your gift today. Please also consider reaching out to your networks to rally around all of the Canadian archery athletes. 

Adopt-a-Team Campaign

3D TEAM (2024)

Barebow Women: Amanda Vavrek, AB, RESERVE: Mellissa Minks, AB
Barebow Men: Dylan Bravener, ON, Jovica Djukic, SK, Raymond Huang, BC, RESERVE: Alex Melnik, ON, 2nd RESERVE: Joshua Dedam, NB
Compound Women: Monica Higgins, AB, April Willis, MB, RESERVE: Angela Shaw, BC
Compound Men: Bryan Harper, AB, Curtis Meyers, BC, Joe Sarrazin, BC, RESERVE: Glen Shaw, BC
Longbow Women: Miranda Sparkes, BC
Longbow Men: Eric Malebranche, BC, Fred Streleoff, BC
Traditional Women: Katie Britton, BC, Karen Demelo, BC, Trudy Dryden, NB, RESERVE: Bernice Gordon, BC
Traditional Men: Marc Britton, BC, Lee Milton, BC, Gentian Zoto, ON, RESERVE: Ben Roundel, NB
U21 male team: Adam Berge (AB), Ryan Cherniak (MB), Kolby Boutilier (NS)
U21 female team: Chyler Sanders (MB), Brynnleigh Lohner (AB), Jyotsna Challa (NS)
U18 male team: Keegan Crawford (PE), Riley Warwa (AB), Emmett Kapaniuk (YT)

U18 female team: Madelynn Holkema (AB), Bailey Mathers (MB), Jordyn Polowaniuk (AB)


U18 male: Kurtis Ng (ON), Ryder Wilson (MB), Sahil Sahota (AB)
U18 female: Audrey Khan Arevalo (ON), Zohy Wilson (ON), Janna Hawash (ON)
U21 male: Dawson Molitor (AB)
U21 female: Natalee Chan (ON)

Cameron Palichuk (AB) 

Tristan Moran (SK) 

Andrew Fagan (ON)