Memorial Listing

Memorial Listing by Province Alberta Corbett,  Melvin “Mel” Edward Erickson,  Herb Hooey,  Dennis Franklin Kenna,  Gary Symonds,  Doug British Columbia Boorman,  Ron Carlton,  Wanda Carnes,  William George (Bill) Durward,  Greg Elliot,  Morris Harte,  Harvey Lovo,  Don Saunders,  Marjorie Usher,  Fred Warren,  Don Manitoba Garrod,  Roger Jones,  Tim New Brunswick Carson,  Arnold Nickerson,  Charles Northwest Territories […]

Adopt-a-Team Campaign

SUPPORTING TEAMS – SUPPORTING ATHLETES The Canadian Archery Foundation’s mandate is to support the overall advancement of the sport of archery in Canada with targeted support to the non-Olympic disciplines. Amateur archers make up the highest percentage of membership across the nation. These amateur athletes aspire to represent Canada, and the Foundation is committed to […]