Al Wills - Chair

I started in archery with a lesson in January 1971 and was hooked immediately, both my partner Mary and I started together, and both were active in local archery since then. We both competed Provincially and Nationally with our first Nationals in 1974. I shot professionally in those days and Mary made the World Team that year and we were bitten. I became involved in Archery Canada (then FCA) in 1981 as Chair of the Coaching Committee and then became the Olympic Coach in 83/84. I helped set up the Regional Coaching System and worked there until 1985 when I was elected to the Board. I then served in many capacities including President until 2023. I also worked Internationally as the Chair of the World Archery Target Committee and as Vice President-North of World Archery Americas. I am a founding member of the Canadian Archery Foundation and current chair.

Robert Tataryn

I became involved in Archery through my son who decided to take up archery after participating in a school demonstration. From there, I became a member of Archery Manitoba, serving as President and Treasurer since 1998. I constructed an outdoor archery range on the property I own and founded the Interlake Archery Club. I became a sitting executive member and later board member of Archery Canada serving as VP of Finance and Administration since 2008. I am currently a Provincial level Judge and have organized numerous Archery events in Manitoba including Canada Cups and Canadian Championships. I am one of the founding members of the Canadian Archery Foundation, being present and contributing to it at inception.

Adriana Arevalo

As Chief Operating Officer at DataCore Fund Services, an independent provider of administrative services for the financial industry, Adriana has implemented additional corporate governance and compliance initiatives such as corporate control standards, policies, and procedures throughout the organization to comply and stay current with the ESA, provincial securities legislators, and provincial regulators as well as being CSAE 3416 (SOC II) compliant. Adriana has an impressive career with 30 years of Canadian Financial Market and investment administration experience.

In 2016, with Adriana’s exceptional leadership and operational skills, she was elected to the Board of Directors of DataCore Fund Services (“DataCore”). Also in 2016, Adriana was appointed by a unanimous vote as the Chief Operating Officer and the Chairwoman of the Board of DataCore. In 2018, Adriana was awarded the Women in Finance Leadership & Excellence Award on International Women’s Day 2018 in British Columbia.

Adriana’s high energy level is present as she is also involved in other aspects of her community. She was instrumental in DataCore becoming a major sponsor for Archery Canada. Her support for Canadian amateur sport does not end there, however as Adriana also serves on the board of the Archery Foundation and is currently the treasurer of the Peel Archery Club. The Etobicoke Track & Field club also benefits from Adriana’s presence on their board of directors where she has served since 2019. In addition, Adriana is chair of the Silverthorn Collegiate School Council for the third year in a row.

In her spare time Adriana enjoys working out to keep fit, a good steak dinner, playing golf with her husband, spending time with her two daughters and three grandchildren, quiet days at their cottage, and long walks with her husband Asif and their dog Paris.

Theo Tsang

I am new to archery; however, have been involved in sports in multiple capacities all my life. This includes my career where I am an accounting professional in the Sports and Entertainment division of a company operating in the hospitality industry. There are inspiring stories from the world of sports every year resulting in numerous positive effects to individuals and their respective communities. It is my belief that these stories do not happen without the dedication of passionate individuals and volunteers in supporting these athletes. That is why I am excited at the prospect of contributing to the development of archery through my role as a board member of the Canadian Archery Foundation.

Robert Garcia

I got into the sport of archery by being inspired by the Disney + series Hawkeye back in December of 2021. I’ve entered as many shoots and competitions as I possibly could In 2022 and enjoyed every minute of it! I’m a founding member of the Smokin X’s league at Heartland Archery in Winnipeg MB. I’ve recently been joined the board of directors for the Flatlanders archery group as a member at large. I’m looking forward to working with everyone on the Archery Foundation of Canada team in helping bring this sport to everyone!

Coreen Scott - Foundation Manager

I got involved in a community archery club about 30 years ago, learning the sport from my dad and other seasoned archers. One 10x and I was hooked. As a resident of a small community, I knew the importance of volunteering and soon became involved on the board of directors for the club. I was approached to join the Saskatchewan Archery Association’s board of directors in the summer of 2013 and later became their Executive Director where I served until the fall of 2022. I look forward to continuing my involvement in the sport by working to help support amateur archers across the nation in my role as Foundation Manager.