W. Gunter Memorial Bursary Overview

Applicants must meet the following eligibility guidelines:

➢ Applicant has not received the Bursary before

➢ Applicant is furthering their education and attending or planning to attend a post-secondary institution.

➢ Youth archers are defined by the CAF, for the purpose of this bursary only, as being between the ages of Seventeen (17) and Twenty-one (21) years of age as of December 31st each year in the year the application is being submitted.

➢ The applicant is aware that the bursary amount will be forwarded to the post-secondary institution indicated in the recipient’s application process.

➢ Applicants must be current members in good standing with Archery Canada.

➢ The applicant has competed in an officially sanctioned archery tournament or will be competing for Canada at a World Championship or international archery competition.

➢ The applicant has demonstrated leadership and sportsmanship as a member of Archery Canada.

➢ The applicant has conducted themselves in a manner that is a credit to the sport of archery and as a representative of Canada.



• Previous grant winners are not eligible.

• Only one submission per applicant per year.

• All applications must be time stamped no later than end of day December 15th



• It would be helpful to the evaluators for this award if reference writers would comment upon

the positive qualities they have observed in the applicant.

• In addition, it is important for the reference writers to comment upon specific examples of the

circumstances in which the applicant demonstrated those qualities.

• Please include your contact information on the reference letter

• All reference letters should be signed and dated by the reference writer.



• Be available for a brief interview or provide a quote that will be published in the media release




All submissions from applicants who have not yet been awarded the CAF bursary will be

considered prior to reviewing an application from a previous bursary recipient.

Ranking will be allocated based on the following considerations:

20% Academics

• Marks from the most recent educational year.

• Any academic awards and recognitions the applicant has received in the past two years.

40% Athletics

• Participation in archery as well as other athletics (in the most recent 3 years).

• Any athletic awards and recognition received (in the most recent 3 years)

• Results from competing in World Championships, Youth Olympic games or other international

archery competitions.

20% Participation

• In archery specific events (in the most recent 3 years)

20% Character

• Demonstrated Leadership qualities.

• Demonstrated respect towards other archers, coaches and officials on and off the field of play.

• Overall good citizenship and positive role modeling in sport and community