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The Canadian Archery Foundation is the philanthropic program of Archery Canada (AC). It was established in August 2009 to oversee the development and administration of a separate fund in support of archery, to reduce the overall reliance on government funding.

Make a Donation to

Canadian Archery Foundation

We invite you to join the supportive community who will help Canada become a strong archery nation! With your support, we’ll be able to improve Canadian Archery programs and lead Canadian archery toward excellence.

Adopt-a-Team Campaign

SUPPORTING TEAMS – SUPPORTING ATHLETES The Canadian Archery Foundation’s mandate is to support the overall advancement of the sport of archery in Canada with targeted support to the non-Olympic disciplines. Amateur archers make up the highest percentage of membership across the nation. These amateur athletes aspire to represent Canada, and…
National Team Support

National Team Support

The Archery Foundation is committed to reducing the burden on non-Olympic Canadian archery teams who must largely self fund to attend World Championships.
WW Gunter Bursary

WW Gunter Bursary

The WW Gunter Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a Canadian Archer between the ages of 15 and 20, who has competed or will be competing for Canada at a World Championship or international archery competition such as the Youth Olympic Games, and who is planning to continue their education…


The Archery Foundation invests in developing programs and initiatives that provide opportunities for archers to compete, learn and develop in their chosen discipline.

Book of Remembrance

The book of remembrance is an ongoing project of Archery Canada to honour a member of the Canadian archery community in whose name a family member, a friend or a colleague has made a donation to the Canadian Archery Foundation.