In Memorium

Nathalie Bissonnette

1964 - 2009
Sherbrooke, QC
Donors: Remi Bissonnette

Nathalie, a two time Canada Games participant, competed in many national and provincial events winning 75 medals in her career.

Canadian Indoor Champion and two time Canada Games Participant Nathalie Bissonnette won the canadian indoor archery  championship and finished second at the Canadian Outdoor Championships. In one particular year, she won 19 competitions. There are 75 mostly gold, silver and bronze medals on her honour board at home. She had the chance to participate at many archery  competitions all across Canada and even in the United States.

She taught archery to youngsters in Sherbrooke and she was an inspiration for many girls. She enjoyed playing golf and when she was in Germany for 4 years she had the chance to travel to 32 countries. She died in 2009 while she was on vacation in Malawi (Africa). She is greatly missed by her family