In Memorium

Ron Boorman

New Westminster, BC
Donors: BC Archery

A pioneer and promoter of all things archery, Ron’s contributions in BC will never be forgotten. Boorman Archery, the oldest archery shop in BC, was incorporated in 1966, and based in New Westminster. The shop would only ever close so Ron could attend the Vegas Shoot. He purchased an Archery Canada Life Membership with slot machine winnings from a Vegas tournament! Ron started the BC Junior Olympian Program after applying for a $1000 government grant to buy equipment (in 1968 that was like winning the lottery). His column “Seen in Passing” was a highlight of the BC Archer magazine. Ron loved to tell his “stories” to anyone that would listen: he could tell stories about you that even you couldn’t tell that well—or remember! He’d call you on your birthday and send you a Christmas card. Once you met him, you were a friend for life. If a friend passed away, their name would be circled in red in his address book. Now his name will forever be circled in ours.

Ron Boorman, the original 10-9-8, irreplaceable and unforgettable.